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Service warehousing

front varastointi warehouse

Our logistics centers are located along the main transport routes in southern Finland. They are in Hakkila and Veromies in the city of Vantaa and a brand new one in Kulomäki industrial area in Tuusula will be finished in 2018.

The airport, the Vuosaari harbor and the major highways near our warehouses guarantee excellent cost efficiency.

Helsinki–Vantaa airport 5,5 km, Vuosaari port 17 km.

logistiikkakeskus kulomaki2 sin logistics venter

Logistics center Kulomäki

Högberginhaara 10, 04360 Tuusula

+358 40 5199 090 Doors 1-14

+358 40 822 1777 Doors 15-16

+359 400 115600 Doors 8-29

  • Modern
  • 31000m2
  • 100 000 full pallets
  • heat controlled
  • suitable for food storage
  • ecological and environmentally friendly own 38,000 kWh solar power on the roof


Helsinki-Vantaa airport 7 km, Vuosaari port 10 km.

logistiikkakeskus hakkila sin logistics center

Logistics center Hakkila

Kanervikkotie 4, 01380 Vantaa

Warehouse: +358 40 3575 730

Our service store is located along the best transport links in Tikkurila in the city of Vantaa, about 10 km from Vuosaari harbor and 7 km from Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

Good connections ensure cost-effective logistics.

appr.24000 m2, temperature controlled, also for food storage



Only 4,3 km from the airport and 16 min from Vuosaari.

logistiikkakeskus veromies sin logistics center

Logistics center Veromies

Manttaalitie 7, 01530 Vantaa

Warehouse: +358 50 5623863

Our service store is located next to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, about 13 km from Vuosaari port.

This easily customized logistics center is suitable for a variety of storage needs.