You should leave packing services, assembling and sticking and marking to Logitri packing service.

pakkauspalvelut packaging services

Professional packing workers, organized handling and professional tools make packaging faster and cost-effective.

We always tailor our packaging and value-added services per customer basis. We listen to your product requirements and the associated practices, then we compose the process description for you.

Handling Services

  • Handling incoming and outgoing goods
  • Freight documents
  • Pick-up services

Value-added services

  • Repacking
  • Applying and marking
  • Assembling campaign products
  • Sorting products
  • Presentation packaging


Logitri also offers short term services and storage facilities for a variety of projects. Get in touch with us early in the project planning phase and you will have our logistics specialists take care of you from the beginning.

We pay attention to the environment and avoid any unnecessary burden on the environment in all our operations.
Recycling has high value in our operations.

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